What you need to know about Nike’s new deal with Baby clothes

Nike announced a new deal in which it will offer baby clothes to parents of children under two years old, and to children of both parents.

The brand will also give parents a $150 voucher for a pair of Baby jeans.

The deal, which is valid for now, is only available to the Nike and Baby brands, and will not apply to other brands or to retailers, but parents can apply for a free pair of Adidas baby pants at the Nike retail store in New York City.

Nike’s deal with Babieshop, the only retailer of baby clothes in the US, will run through September 27.

The company did not say when the deal would be available for consumers to apply for.

It’s not the first time Nike has extended the same deal with baby clothes.

In April, the company launched the Adidas Baby Booties, which are now available at Babieshops nationwide.

The Babies, a collaboration between Nike and Babiesshop, offer a variety of styles and colors for parents to choose from, and offer diaper changing, baby shower, and baby care.

The Baby Shop deal, however, has a much shorter time frame.

The diapers are still available through June 30, but will be available at a reduced price through July 1.