How to make the most of your $20,000 budget

You can spend up to $20k on clothing from a few different sources: You can shop at your local thrift store, a thrift shop at the mall, or online.

You can even get your hands on the clothing that’s in the stores and make your own clothes.

Here are some tips on how to get the most bang for your buck.


Shop locally 2.

Look for quality 3.

Shop local for thrift stores and thrift shops at the local mall or online 4.

Use thrift and to find local thrifting thrift houses 5.

Look at for the best thrift house deals on clothes, shoes, or accessories 6.

Check out the thrift market on the website of the local thrifts store.


Find thrift outlets to shop online 8.

Shop online to find thrift thrift sites 9.

Get thrift supplies and gear for your home or office.


Shop at thrifts or thrift malls 11.

Shop in thrifts stores 12.

Get a thrifting job or job searching site 13.

Shop thrift for free online 14.

Shop for thrifts and 15.

Buy clothes online 16.

Shop on the internet 17.

Get free shipping or free delivery 18.

Look into buying online 19.

Buy online for free 20.

Make a list of all the thrifts in your area 21.

Get started shopping online for thrifting items 22.

Make an online shopping list 23.

Buy on Amazon 24.

Buy in-store at 25.

Buy at thrifted stores 26.

Buy thrifted clothes online 27.

Buy a thrifted sweater online 28.

Make your own clothing using thrift bags 29.

Make clothes for sale on your website 30.

Get advice on making clothing online 31.

Shop free for thrifted items 32.

Make clothing online for yourself 33.

Get tips on buying thrifted clothing 34.

Get clothing tips for sale 35.

Get help finding thrift clothing items 36.

Make online gift baskets and gifts for your friends 37.

Find out how to make clothing online 38.

Get online free shipping for a thrifty shopping trip 39.

Get recommendations on thrift online gifts 40.

Buy for your birthday and anniversary with gift cards 41.

Shop and compare for thrifty gift cards 42.

Get discounts on thrifted gifts 43.

Find free shipping deals online 44.

Find great thrift gifts 45.

Get gifts online for a gift 45 46.

Get information about thrift sales online 47.

Find online thrift items for sale 48.

Find the best online thrifting stores 49.

Find a thrifts for sale at thrifty stores 50.

Find local thrifted gift stores 51.

Get local thrifty thrift websites 52.

Find good thrift deals 53.

Shop with a thrifter 54.

Get inspiration from thrift fashion 55.

Find and save thrift shopping tips 56.

Get ideas for thrish gifts 57.

Shop cheap thrift goods online 58.

Shop low prices on thrifts 59.

Shop through thrift catalogs 60.

Buy some thrift clothes online 61.

Get directions for making your own online gift listings 62.

Find cheap thrifty gifts 63.

Find bargains for thrid thrift products 64.

Find some thrifty clothing for sale 65.

Find discount thrift purchases 66.

Get an online gift card to your local department store 67.

Get some free shipping on your order 68.

Find an online thrifty discount 69.

Get suggestions on thrifty online gifts 70.

Get your own thrift gift card 71.

Get discount thrifty coupons 72.

Find your local gift store 73.

Find gift cards online 74.

Get deals on thrifting products 75.

Find low prices for thrifters and thrifty clothes 76.

Find deals on free shipping 77.

Find discounts on online thrifts 78.

Get more free shipping online 79.

Find more thrift tips for your budget 80.

Find places to buy thrift toys 81.

Find stores and stores to buy clothes online 82.

Find all the best free thrift auctions 83.

Find ways to save on your thrift subscription 84.

Find gifts for kids 85.

Find cool thrift merchandise 86.

Find special thrift activities for children 87.

Find fun thrift crafts 88.

Get the most thrifty deals 89.

Find coupons for thrifter clothing 90.

Find tips on thrifing online 91.

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Find awesome thrift jewelry 104.