‘Revenge Clothing’ Stripper Dresses ‘Reaction’ To Stripper’s Revenge

A woman was outraged after seeing a stripper dress her in a “Reaction” t-shirt, which she says she bought to protest the death of a friend of hers.

The tattooed woman, who declined to give her name for fear of backlash, said she bought the shirt at a thrift store in Washington, DC, on Sunday after seeing the shirt online.

She bought it for $8.99.

When she went to the store, she said she was greeted by a woman who handed her the shirt, telling her she could return it to the thrift shop for $20.

The woman said she returned the shirt but that the woman didn’t return her money.

She also said the woman told her the same story at a bar.

When she went back to the dresser, the woman said the man who had bought it told her he’d be going back to his home in Pennsylvania to collect it.

The dresser told her that if she didn’t come back and collect it, she’d be charged a $150 fine.

The shirt is not currently on display at the thrifting store.