Girl’s clothes line to be sold in Melbourne under new retailer

Posted May 18, 2018 09:19:48 A new girl’s fashion line to compete with Target has been launched in Melbourne’s west.

In a bid to revive a struggling industry, Jodie, a clothing line based in Sydney’s south-west, is to open a store in Brunswick Street, next to the Carlton Hotel.

The new store will include an extensive selection of girl’s clothes from the latest brands, including Lulu, Zara, and Gucci.

The brand will also be selling online and through select retailers, including Victoria’s two leading chains, Sainsbury’s and JB Hi-Fi.

Jodie is also expanding its online presence, which is also to include the new store.

The company’s founder, Victoria’s former top fashion designer, Lisa Lee, said the line was not meant to compete directly with Target.

“The focus is not to be selling more clothes.

It’s to create a more sustainable and sustainable business,” she said.”

I think it’s going to be a really big success and the future is bright.”

Jodies clothing line, Urban Clothing, has been around since the 1980s, but has struggled in recent years with competition from big box retailers, which dominate Victoria’s fashion market.

The Victoria-based clothing chain was founded by Jodies co-founder Lisa Lee and was sold to Sydney-based retailer JB in 2018.

The retail giant is now one of the largest online retailers in the country, and employs more than 400 staff.

Job Mabson, who is managing director of the Victoria-listed Jodys, said Jodiet was about to take the first steps into the new market, and had a “unique opportunity” to create new brands and broaden its customer base.

“We think it is a great opportunity to do something different, to start a brand that’s very strong in Victoria,” he said.

Jodi Lee said the launch of the new clothing line had been delayed because she needed to consult with retailers before deciding what retailers to sell through.

“As we get more retailers in Victoria, we’ll look at how the brand fits in their stores,” she told 7.30.

But Ms Lee said her focus was to expand her business and make Jodiaise more successful.

“Our strategy has always been to create value for the retailer.

So if the retailer wants to go in the same direction, then I think they can make a very strong return for the store,” she added.”

What we have to do is to understand that they’re going to make a good return for us and also to make the retailer understand that we can do it in a sustainable way.”

The new business will be based in Brunswick St, next the Carlton and Brunswick Hotel.

It is also expected to have a strong presence at Victoria’s major retailers, such as Sainsburys and JHB Hi-fi, which are both owned by Melbourne-based retailers, but which are struggling to compete against retailers such as Target and Amazon.

Ms Lee said it was a “really interesting” opportunity to bring a new brand to a community that was struggling to find anything to wear.

“It’s not a big market.

But there are a lot of young women out there who have nothing to wear, so we thought, ‘Well, what are we going to do with this new brand?'”

Ms Lee hopes to expand the brand beyond Brunswick Street in the near future.