What you need to know about the baby boomers

By Marcy Steiner The Baby Boomers have finally arrived.

The boomers have arrived.

In the past few weeks, we’ve been treated to several baby boomer fashion trends.

Some of these trends are so bizarre, so ridiculous, they’ve taken the internet by storm.

Trend 1: Baby boomers are dressing like pirates.

There’s a baby boom, and they’re dressed like pirates!

The most popular trend of the past two weeks has been the pirates-themed baby boomer outfits.

These pirate outfits are being sold in clothing stores across the country.

I don’t know if this trend is related to the internet.

The pirate outfit craze started on Twitter last week when someone wearing a pirate outfit tweeted this: “I’ve just seen my mom wearing pirate-inspired dresses and jackets.

I’ve been seeing these for a few days.”

This trend has been shared thousands of times.

When I heard about it, I had to take a second look.

This is not the first time a baby boomers outfit has caught my eye.

In 2011, a babyboomer outfit called “Boomer Girl” was trending on Twitter.

While this outfit is designed to look like a boomer woman, it’s actually a baby boy.

Baby boomers also have a trend in which they dress up like a super hero.

This was the first one I saw, but there are others like this, too.

As with most boomer fashion trends, the pirate-themed outfits are not limited to baby boomera fashion.

Here are some other baby boer fashion fads.

You don’t have to be a boer to like baby boomin fashion. 

There are plenty of other baby boom kids who are dressing up like baby boers.

These outfits are so ridiculous that they’ve caught my attention.

This pirate outfit is so out of this world, it has caught the attention of the internet!

These pirate outfits make me so happy to be boomer.

If you’re in the market for baby boob style, this trend might be just what you’re looking for.

It’s the trend of Baby Boomers.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many boomer clothing styles in one place.

I think it’s crazy.

A couple months ago, we shared some baby boom fashion trends from around the country: If we’re not in the boomer trend right now, what are we waiting for?

Baby boomer baby gear is out in the world.

There are tons of baby boombers clothing styles on the market right now.

Boomers have always been a fun group of people to be around, and now they’re also looking to get together and have fun.