How to shop online for $15 jeans

Clothing retailer Forever 21 is offering $15 baby clothes online for the first time in history, with the first order going to a single mom from South Carolina.

The deal is available until May 1 and comes on the heels of a $20 sale at Forever 21.

Forever 21’s $15 online baby items will go to a woman from Texas who will receive the clothing through a special order process.

Forever’s deal is the first to go live in the company’s online store.

Forever says it has more than 2,000 baby clothes for moms to choose from, and they are designed to help moms transition from the traditional clothing industry.

“This baby clothing program will allow moms to have the flexibility to shop for their baby clothes at any of Forever 21s more than 300 stores nationwide, where moms can shop for new clothing and accessories as well as apparel that is made specifically for moms,” the company wrote in a statement.

“When moms shop for baby clothes and accessories online, they can also customize their look with their own personalized baby name, photo, and more.”

Forever 21 has also teamed up with brands like Nike and Levi’s, and the retailer is also selling a limited number of “baby boots” online.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer this incredible new way for moms and their baby to start their own baby’s life,” Forever 21 said.

Forever said its online baby program is part of a broader $15 Baby initiative, which also includes $5 Baby Clothing and $5 Kids.

“This is a great way for parents to shop, and we are proud to offer an incredible selection of baby clothes to moms,” Forever said in a press release.

Forever also said its $15 sale will start May 1, with some stores having already gone live.

It is not clear how much Baby Clothing the first $15 discount will be worth, or if Forever will offer a separate $15 deal for women.

Forever has about 3,300 baby clothes in stock and said it expects to ship out more than 4 million baby clothes per day.

Forever is also expanding its online store with more baby apparel.

The company said it plans to offer Baby Bags, Baby Pants, Baby Trousers and Baby Shorts online starting May 1.

The $15 promotion will run through May 31.

Forever began offering $25 Baby Clothing in 2013.