‘Famous Women’: What is a ‘Fashionista’? Here are 10 of the ‘most famous’ women in fashion, from Joan Rivers to Kate Moss

The biggest names in fashion may be synonymous, but they aren’t always the most famous.

Here are the most iconic women in style, from Madonna to Rihanna.


Madonna The Queen of Pop, Madonna is arguably the most celebrated artist in fashion history, having sold more than 50 million albums and more than 60 million records worldwide.

Madonna’s influence extends far beyond the fashion world, with her iconic images of her glamorous lifestyle and inspiring message of love and empowerment influencing the way many women dress today.

Madonna was an accomplished fashion designer and fashion icon, winning a number of prestigious awards and creating a reputation as one of the most influential women of her generation.

Madonna has been photographed wearing a dress from the collection of the designer Stella McCartney.

She is one of just three women to have worn a $100,000 Louis Vuitton gown, while the other two are fashion designer Coco Chanel and fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Madonna wears a Dolce & Gabbana dress from her collection at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

She also wears a $30,000 Marc Jacobs dress.

She has worn several designer clothing designs over the years, including an elaborate silk-and-gold gown by Chanel, a $50,000 Giorgio Armani gown and a $60,000 Vera Wang gown.

Madonna is the second most-loved actress of all time, behind only Madonna.

She was nominated for eight Academy Awards, including two Golden Globes, for her portrayal of Princess Diana in the movie The Princess Diaries.

Madonna also won four Grammys in addition to winning two Emmys.

Her iconic image of herself on a red carpet was immortalised in a 1967 fashion commercial that aired on CBS.

Madonna won a Grammy for Best Female Artist for The Princess diaries.


Kate Moss Kate Moss is perhaps the most recognisable fashion icon in the world.

Moss was born Kate, but the real name is Kate Coltrane.

Her famous image of her hair braided into a ribbon is iconic for women’s style.

Her style is influenced by American designer Ralph Lauren and French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier.

She wore a $1 million Valentino dress to the Oscars in 2012.

Moss has worn a number, including a $300,000 gown by Pierre Cardin and a £30,001 dress by Gucci.

Moss also wears designer shoes.

She had a brief cameo in the 1996 movie, The Princess Bride.


Rihanna Rihanna is the most popular female pop star of all-time, with more than 20 million albums sold worldwide.

Rih’s fashion sense and pop music is synonymous with a glam and high fashion aesthetic, and she is one the most powerful fashion icons in the history of pop music.

Rih is one half of the duo, Logic and Chris Brown, with whom she has been married for 11 years.

She began her career as a member of the Spice Girls, but was soon signed to Calvin Klein and later became a household name.

Rih has worn more than a hundred different styles of clothes.

She famously has an all-black wardrobe with black sequins and studded belt buckles, as well as black lace necklines and a bold black dress.


Kate Upton Kate Upton was the first woman to win an Olympic gold medal in swimming.

She started her career swimming in the 1984 Olympics in London, winning gold for the 200m freestyle.

She then became the first black woman to compete in a women’s 400m freestylers, the 800m frees and the 200 freestyle hurdles.

She competed in both the 1988 and 2000 Olympics.

Her Olympic success inspired the British film, Wonder Woman.

She and co-star Rooney Mara became the most-watched women in television history, with 8.1 million viewers tuning in to watch their Olympic gold medallists compete.


Madonna Madonna, who is known as ‘The Queen of Fashion’, has become one of fashion’s most popular icons.

Her image of a glamorous life is one that appeals to millions of women across the world, and her fashion sense is reflected in many of her designs.

Madonna created the ‘Queen of Fashion’ line of fashion clothing for the US market.

The line includes clothes that feature iconic fashion silhouettes and prints.

Madonna wore a number dresses by Guppy during her stint in the US, and also had a number collection for a charity event in 2016.

Madonna, with co-stars Rooney Mara and Naomi Campbell, is a global pop icon.

Madonna currently has two albums on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, which are both number one hits.

She currently holds the record for the most albums sold in the United States.


Madonna Beyoncé, a Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter and dancer, is an American rapper and record producer who has released more than 10 albums, more than 300 million songs