“I’d rather be homeless” than buy “pink lingerie”

I have never been homeless.

I have lived in a few different apartments in San Francisco, but none of them have been this warm and welcoming.

This past year, I was in my final year of college.

I was working as a freelance illustrator at a small business in San Jose.

My roommate was on disability and was getting on my nerves.

I didn’t know how to be quiet.

I could not hide the fear I felt.

When we finally broke up, I didn’ even bother taking him home.

I thought, This is what I’m going to do.

But as I was putting together my final portfolio for my final art class, I got a phone call from a friend.

It was him, he told me, telling me I could stay and work with him on a project.

I wasn’t sure what to think about it.

It didn’t really feel right.

I had already moved on from my past as a homeless person.

But I knew this guy had a strong and long-lasting connection with the homeless.

He knew how much I loved to draw and that he was looking for someone to help me get through this tough time.

We started working on the project together, and I soon found myself working with the man for almost a year.

It has been a lot of work.

I work on everything from the inside out to bring people together, he said, like bringing a homeless family together for a Thanksgiving dinner.

I feel like I’m really in love with the people around me.

I love them so much and I really feel at home.

But when I’m not drawing, I tend to stay home and think about my kids.

We have this really warm feeling around the house and I just want to be able to be at home with them and be able for them to be happy.

It’s been so important for me to be in a supportive, loving relationship with him.

I still have a hard time getting through the day without him, but I can always count on him.

He has been so supportive.

We are both incredibly grateful to be living with him, and we want to share our story with people in our community, he says.

It is an amazing feeling.

And I love it.