How to get a new pair of shoes with a few dollars

If you’re looking to replace a pair of jeans that you no longer want, you can now get them at a discount with adidas’ new fashion line.

The adidas brand is selling shoes through the store’s website that offer a few hundred dollars off the retail price, or about half the retail retail price of the original.

These shoes are designed with the customer in mind, and can also be personalized with a personalized tag and size, according to Mashable.

The new collection of shoes, called The Shoes for the People, are limited to a few pairs.

The shoes have a classic design with black and white stripes and white soles.

The new line also features a more functional aesthetic, which includes a mesh lining and stitching throughout.

The company is encouraging customers to send in photos of their feet or even their hands in an effort to get the shoe.

They have an opportunity to win a pair at the end of the month, which is a $100 cash back bonus.