How to make a cool, shiny new jersey

It’s easy to see why the NHL’s owners might be thrilled to see the New York Islanders play their first regular-season game at Nassau Coliseum in six years.

The Islanders’ brand identity is synonymous with their jerseys, which are also among the NHL league’s most popular and recognizable.

But the brand’s ability to maintain its dominance will depend on a brand new jersey design, one that incorporates new materials and technologies.

The new Islanders jersey will feature an advanced material that will help make it look more like real ice, while simultaneously allowing the team to more quickly and easily change its jerseys during the season.

The idea behind this material is to improve the look of the jersey and keep the Islanders’ jerseys unique, but the NHLPA said it won’t be a replacement for the real thing.

Instead, it will add another layer of innovation that can be applied to other teams’ jerseys in the future, said Mike Goldsmith, president of the NHL Players Association.

The NHLPA’s statement on the new jersey was in response to a question about the league’s new jersey materials, which it said would be used to create new jerseys for teams like the Philadelphia Flyers, San Jose Sharks, Los Angeles Kings, Nashville Predators, Arizona Coyotes, New Jersey Devils and Boston Bruins.

“It is our hope that the new material will create an innovative and unique design that can better enhance the look and feel of the jerseys for all fans, players, employees, fans, media and the community,” the NHL said in its statement.

“We are working diligently with our stakeholders to ensure that this material and design is adopted by the teams and fans, as well as the rest of the league.”

The Islanders, a team that has struggled to get the most out of the new materials, are one of many NHL teams that have struggled to adapt to the new design, including the Philadelphia 76ers, New York Rangers, Buffalo Sabres and Minnesota Wild.

The Philadelphia 76er and New York Ranger are among the teams who have been slow to embrace the new technology.

The Sabres, the team with the most NHL success, have been the most outspoken.

The Minnesota Wild, the Sabres’ rivals, are among those who have taken to social media to discuss how to best integrate the material.

But all of these teams have been quick to embrace a new look, with some teams even posting photos of themselves wearing new jerseys.

Here’s a look at some of the players who have worn the new new material.

The league and the NHLPPA will announce its new design in the coming weeks.