When is the right time to buy winter clothes?

On January 9, 2018, Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accompanied by Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, signed an order to purchase winter clothes from the local clothing stores and online stores.

The purchase order has already been widely reported in Israel’s media, and the purchase order is expected to be issued soon.

According to a report in The Jerusalem Times, Netanyahu’s order includes winter clothes in “three sizes: medium, large and extra large.”

The order also specifies that “it should be worn for the winter season.”

According to the Jerusalem Post, “it will be possible for people to buy clothes in the winter from the online stores of the stores and from the clothing shops.”

The clothing stores reportedly sell only a limited number of clothes and only in the form of t-shirts.

It will be important for shoppers to decide how much of their own clothing they would like to wear during the winter.

In Israel, a woman’s clothing size is determined by the number of centimeters her body fits into.

The women’s size, then, depends on how much room she has to breathe and how she feels during the cold winter months.

While it is true that many women do not like wearing t-shirt tops, it is also true that a woman does not have to wear a sweater or jacket to enjoy the cold in Israel.

According to Israel’s Ministry of Health, there are more than 10,000 registered cold weather shelters in Israel, with more than 3,600 beds available for people who want to stay in their homes during the harsh winter months, with the majority of them women.

The purchase order also indicates that Israel will start to allow winter clothing to be imported from abroad.

However, the purchase of winter clothes by Israelis will not be completely free.

According a statement from the Israeli Ministry of Justice, “the Government of Israel will not allow Israeli citizens to buy clothing or other items from outside of Israel.”

According the report, Israel will allow foreign-made clothes to be brought into Israel through a limited list of “non-Israelis,” which includes a limited set of people from the United Kingdom and Canada.

However, the report did not state if the new order will also allow Israel to import imported winter clothes into Israel.

The article also noted that the order will be limited to clothing items only.