Why I don’t like the new T-shirts from Target

I’ve been getting some bad feedback about these T-shirt designs from some of the Redditors that I have spoken to recently.

This thread was started because of the fact that Target is apparently planning to release a new line of shirts called “All Stars”.

The shirt design will look similar to the “Cotton” collection from the previous years “All-Stars” line, and it will be a “black, t-shirt with white letters, all stars, and a small white star at the bottom”.

This seems like a really bad idea.

This is not the first time Target has introduced a new T’shirt, and they have done it many times in the past.

There have been many different designs of T’s shirts in the last few years, but I have never seen the black and white designs that I’ve seen on Target’s site, which was also made in collaboration with Nike.

The design has the word “ALL” in gold letters and on the chest, and the word All-Stars on the side of the shirt.

What makes the design bad is that the word ALL is used only once. 

I feel like this is a poor design choice for a T shirt. 

“All Stars” is one of the most iconic T shirts from the “All” collection.

While the design is good, it is a terrible design choice, because the word all is used on the front of the T shirt multiple times.

In addition, the word stars is used multiple times throughout the design.

Even though the design looks cool, the design isn’t actually very functional. 

There are a lot of people out there that don’t have a clue about the design of T shirts.

When it comes to a T-Shirt design, I can’t really think of a better design than this. 

T-Shirts are supposed to be simple and timeless.

They look nice on people’s backs, but they look really bad when worn with jeans.

T-shirts are meant to be used in a variety of different ways, and there are no good reasons to keep the word T on the T’s.

If you’ve been looking for a good T shirt, this is the best T shirt that you can get right now.

Image source: Target