How to buy rainbows online for under $10

A rainbow clothing store has posted a video on Instagram featuring the rainbow-colored outfits worn by some of the world’s most iconic characters.

In the video, a young woman in a pink dress and a tiara can be seen wearing a white shirt and black skirt, which looks like the Rainbow-colored ones worn by Disney characters such as Pocahontas and Pocahoyos.

The shop’s Instagram post has more than 100,000 likes, with many of the commenters praising the rainbow clothing as being “the coolest” and “coolest way to look at your family or yourself.”

Many of the comments also say they were inspired by Disney movies, such as Frozen, and that they are “fantastic,” “fascinating,” “cool” and have “finally inspired me to be a little more adventurous and to explore the world of Disney.”

Many people also praise the rainbow dresses, saying they are so cute, the owner even offered to take a photo with them.

The store owner, who goes by the handle @lillydash, said she is working on the next set of rainbow dresses and would be open to taking photos with them, but did not say how much they would cost.

The owner’s Instagram page has more over 100,067 likes.