Hockey star, wife, dad to take on $10K in charity in a new venture

Boohoo Clothing is set to launch a new charity called Free People Clothing for the Homeless in Las Vegas.

The charity is designed to help the homeless find temporary housing and to provide clothing for those who are homeless.

It will be the first time Boohoot Clothing will be accepting donations online.

The new charity, which is a 501(c)(3), is set up to help people who are in crisis, with donations from the public.

The company said it was not yet certain how much it would be able to raise.

Boohood Clothing, which started out as a clothing store, is now focused on helping people who need help to find permanent housing, with the hope of eventually expanding to other markets.

Boohoo is the latest company to make headlines for making charity a priority.

Last month, Gap Inc., which manufactures the underwear brand Levi Strauss & Co., announced it was partnering with a non-profit to donate 10 percent of the profits of its clothing sales to charities, which would make it the largest apparel retailer to do so.

Gap also partnered with a homeless shelter to give away the proceeds from a clothing sale.