Mens clothes online for sale: The best deals in the UK

UK fashion and beauty brands are on sale online for the first time in six years, with clothing and accessories online retailer M&P being the first to sell on the platform for the year.

The retailer, which was established by the fashion retailer Ralph Lauren, has been selling online since 2014, and announced the launch of the new platform earlier this week.

The UK is now the third country in the world to offer online clothing sales.

In November, Amazon launched its own online shopping platform, Amazon Prime, which has a price-matching system similar to what retailers are currently offering online.

Amazon Prime also has a shopping service called Prime Music, which allows subscribers to buy music for £7.99 a month.

M&P, which is the first UK clothing retailer to launch its online shop, says that its website is the “world’s leading destination for high-quality men’s clothes”.

In its announcement, M&p said: “For over five years, M &P has worked hard to become the leading online store for high quality men’s clothing, and we are thrilled to bring our men’s wardrobe online.”

M&p says that the launch has been made possible by a £20 million investment in the company, as well as “significant support from leading brands, including Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein”.

“As we enter the age of the internet, we believe that online shopping has the potential to transform the way people shop, and that M&Ps men’s collection is the most important piece of our brand,” M&P chief executive and founder Steve Smith said in a statement.

“As M&amps clothing business continues to grow, our customers are demanding that we do more to provide them with the best products at the best price.”


is committed to bringing the best quality, value and value for money to our customers and is building a dedicated online store that will give them that choice.

“M &P said it will also be launching a “new shopping service” on Friday that will “provide our men with more convenient and cost-effective shopping experiences”.

M&Ps online shopping website is currently being tested by hundreds of retailers, including M&G, Marks & Spencer, H&M, Old Navy and Louis Vuitton.