A little girl gets a little too excited to play in the rain

The story of a little girl’s first year in kindergarten is a tale of joy, wonder and excitement.

On Saturday, a little boy in his early teens from the village of Durga in the southern state of Assam went to school with his friends and took part in the festivities of the Durga Chhatrasayak.

“I was happy when my friends asked me to join in the fun, and I thought I was going to be able to join the fun soon.

I went to the door and shouted out that I wanted to participate in the Chhatra, the festivities.

I wanted everyone to see me, and it made everyone happy,” said the little boy.

A few hours later, he got a call from his mother asking him to come to her house to play.

“I went to my mother’s house and told her about what had happened.

She said that the child had been admitted to the hospital for an emergency,” he said.

He went to a hospital where doctors told him that the boy was in a serious condition.

The boy’s mother, Anand, said she was so happy that she asked her sons father to come.

“He came with us.

He told us about his son’s condition and he had brought the boy to my house,” she said.

She said her son, whose name has not been disclosed, was in an extremely bad condition.

“We did not know what to do but were not worried about it,” she added.

Doctors have told the family that the little girl is in a stable condition.

Anand said they had taken a chance on him and they were glad to help.

The village, situated on a hilltop in the foothills of Assamese hills, has about 15,000 people.

Asha, a resident of the village, said the boy’s parents were poor and had to take care of their children.

“They are poor, and my father had to send them to the local hospital,” she told The Times Of India.

“So, we have no money, so we have asked our family to help,” she admitted.