How to get the best clothing at $20 a pop

When you’re on a tight budget, buying clothes is probably the most cost-effective way to save money.

But if you want the best clothes for the money, you’re going to need to look a little deeper into your options.

The best clothes are typically much cheaper than other items you might be able to buy for a similar price.

If you’re shopping for clothes for yourself, you’ll want to look for garments made in a number of different countries.

These countries have different needs, and a lot of those clothes are made overseas.

So the best place to start is looking for garments from the Middle East, which is where the majority of the clothing made in the region is sourced.

In fact, according to research firm BrandWatch, the Middle Eastern market for clothing is the fastest growing in the world, according in fact to the International Labor Organization.

And this is where you’ll be looking for clothes from places like Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine.

The clothing you’ll find on the Middle-Eastern market is not only very inexpensive, but also has a lot in common with traditional European brands.

These garments have a wide range of patterns and fabrics, as well as many styles and sizes, and they’re made with the same materials as those made in Europe, according BrandWatch.

The most affordable clothing for the average consumer is actually produced in Egypt, the region where many of the poorest people live.

But there are a lot more affordable options for those looking for the best quality clothing.

Here are the 10 best places to shop for clothing made from Egypt.


Nubia, Egypt 2.

Al Khayr, Egypt 3.

Al Nafs, Egypt 4.

Al Jumah, Jordan 5.

Karm Al Khashab, Jordan 6.

Khatoun, Lebanon 7.

al-Hafsiyah, Jordan 8.

al Maqatah, Saudi Arabia 9.

al Ghouta, Syria 10.

al Saada, Saudi Arab Emirates