Japanese fashion company Akira is planning to release a “Hippie Clothes” line in Japan

The company announced the new line of clothing, “HIPPIE CLOTHES,” on Thursday.

The new collection will include items like hoodies and dresses.

“Hipsters” are the ones that are “the most active, energetic, and fashionable people of the world,” Akira said in a statement.

The line will launch in Japan next spring, and it will cost 5,000 yen ($3.83).

According to the company, it will feature fashion-forward styles that can be worn under a hoodie.

Akira has already made some great moves into the fashion market.

The company recently launched a fashion line called “Happiness,” which it says “creates a warm, comfortable, and feminine space for all.”

“HAPPY” was launched in January and includes clothes for both men and women.

The clothing line also includes women’s hats and scarves.

Akhtar says it’s “working hard” to expand into new markets, and that it will be launching a clothing line in the United States next year.

“We believe that people are constantly looking for the next fashionable, fashionable way to express themselves,” Akhtar said.